China Blank Page Revolution Protest Getting Global Attraction Xi Jinping Zero Covid Policy

China Blank Page Revolution: The cases of Coronavirus in China increased rapidly in the past and the government strictly implemented its Zero Covid Policy in the entire country. Strictness was seen more in those areas where there were more cases of Kovid. However, due to the strict restrictions, people’s livelihoods were being affected and this is the reason why China experienced widespread protests last week. The fire of demonstrations spread from Shanghai to Beijing and from Wuhan to Xinjiang. In this demonstration, people took support of ‘blank page’ i.e. blank papers. Let us now tell you what is this blank page revolution, which is currently making headlines all over the world.

First of all, let us know what is Black Page Revolution after all? It is not at all common to see protests in China. Protesting against the ruling Communist Party is considered very difficult, but this time the Chinese citizens found a unique way for it. The protesters took white blank papers and took out rallies on the streets to register their protest.

Why using blank paper?

No symbols, photos or text written on blank A4 paper. It symbolically criticizes the ruling Chinese Communist Party’s censorship of dissent. The protesters also believe that the government cannot arrest them just for holding blank papers. That’s why they are using it in this way. Apart from ‘Blank Page Revolution’, people are also calling it ‘White Paper Revolution’ and ‘A4 Revolution’, referring to the size of blank paper being used in it.

News Reels

worldwide headlines

China’s Blank Page Revolution caught the attention of the whole world. The global community also supported the protests and criticized the Chinese government. Writing for the American magazine National Review, Jianli Yang and Bradley Thayer argued that the legacy of the Blank Page Revolution would be long. He also argued that its outcome is multi-dimensional and it will lead to a revolution that will make even China feel free for a while.

Yang and Thayer said Xi Jinping would do everything in his power to instill fear among his peers and people, and to promote his image as an invincible great leader. “The international community must use all available means to support pro-democracy forces and prevent the Beijing regime from resorting to force,” he said.

‘Big changes can happen in China’

He further added, “The world is keenly watching the unimaginable collapse of Communist China, as analysts believe that if Xi Jinping does not abandon the Zero COVID policy, it could lead to major changes and China is at the cusp of a major turning point.” It’s in the middle.”

According to Human Rights Watch (HRW), over the weekend thousands of people in China’s largest city and financial center Shanghai began to publicly protest the government’s strict COVID-19 restrictions and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ) had condemned the authoritarian rule of Hundreds of people took to the streets in Wuhan, Chengdu, Beijing and other major cities as university students across the country gathered on their campuses to demonstrate.

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