ChatGPT AI After Using This University Student Passed Exam In Just 20 Minutes

Chat GPT News: Nowadays there is a lot of talk about Artificial Intelligence (AI), in which ChatGPT is very famous. In today’s time, people are using it for many types of works. Many people use it for their own project work. Recently a graduate student used ChatGPT to write an article in the university and in just 20 minutes, he made the whole article and passed the exam.

According to a report by foreign media The Independent, a student named Peter Snapwangers in Bristol, England, had completed his graduation at university last year, but decided to pass the exam using ChatGPT artificial intelligence software. He also wanted to use artificial intelligence to see if it could be used in course work related tasks.

Used ChatGPT bot

Peter Snapwangers used an artificial intelligence bot to prepare an article of 2,000 words for the exam. The bot had to write an article on political policy. It took 20 minutes to complete this article. Peter also asked his faculty to review the article. Told the professor how much score they would give. At the same time, it has been said in a report that the professors of the university were shocked after knowing the truth. He said that in such a situation, students can cheat for passing grade.

Experts expressed concern

The graduate student said that I asked a lecturer of Russell Group of University to solve the political policy paper of the last semester and wanted to see if ChatGPT can really help in solving the paper. Several stories of people passing difficult exams using chatbots have recently made headlines, prompting experts to express their concern about the tool, saying it could be misused. The report states that students in the US have been banned from using ChatGPT in schools, while British universities are reviewing how they can detect its use.

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