Central China Anyang City Fire Kills 36 In Workshop

China Workshop Fire: About 36 people died due to the fire incident in Henan province of Central China. The incident took place at a factory in Anyang city. Chinese media gave information about this on Tuesday. Two other people have been injured in the fire incident, while two people are yet to be traced.

The fire started around 4 pm on Monday afternoon. Firefighters had to work hard for several hours to extinguish it. More than 200 relief workers and about 60 firefighters were engaged in extinguishing the fire. The report states that the fire broke out at the Kaixinda Trading Co. Ltd. in Wenfeng District, a high-tech zone in Anyang City. After this incident, there was chaos in the area for several hours.

63 fire engines extinguished the fire

According to local media, fire brigade teams had sent 63 vehicles to the spot. The fire was brought under control by 8 pm local time and completely extinguished by 11 pm. 36 people died in the accident and two have been admitted to the hospital for treatment with minor injuries. Doctors say that the condition of the admitted people is fine at the moment.

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There was a dangerous explosion in 2015

In March 2019, a chemical factory in Yancheng, 260 km from Shanghai, exploded, killing 78 people and destroying homes within a radius of several kilometres. And in 2015, 165 people were killed in a massive explosion at a chemical warehouse in northern Tianjin, one of China’s worst industrial accidents.

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