Bus Falls From Bridge in Spain: Big accident on Christmas day, bus falls into river in Spain, 6 killed

A big accident happened in Spain on Christmas day. A moving bus fell from the bridge into the river. There is news of 6 people killed in this accident. The bodies of those killed have been recovered. Rescuers have said that six passengers died in the accident in Galicia, northwestern Spain. While the driver and another passenger were injured.

The moving bus fell into the Lerage River about 30 meters (100 feet) below the bridge. A motorcyclist  driving in heavy rain noticed a broken railing on a bridge and called emergency services. After which the rescue team reached the spot and pulled out the bus and passengers from the river.

The Spanish guard said that there were a total of eight people on the bus. The remaining two people were taken to hospitals where they are undergoing treatment. Regional president Alfonso Rueda said bad weather caused the accident.


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