Britain PM Rishi Sunak Revealed I Too Had Faced Racism

Great Britain: British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has said that he has faced racism in his life. This statement of Rishi Sunak has come when the Royal Family of Britain is in headlines for racist remarks. Because of this racist comment, the 83-year-old godmother of Prince William had to resign.

The British leader of Indian origin made this disclosure on Thursday. He made this disclosure when he was talking to the media on the controversy over racism in Buckingham Palace (the official residence of the British royal family). When asked about this whole controversy, Sunak said that it is not appropriate for him to comment on palace matters. However, we saw that he accepted what he had done and apologized for it.

I too have faced racism: Sunak

Sunak is a British born child of parents of Indian origin. When asked how he felt about the incident involving Lady Susan Hussey, Sunak said, “I have talked about this before, I have experienced racism in my life. . But I’m happy to say that what I experienced as a child and youth, I believe people no longer experience because our country has made remarkable progress in combating racism.

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what is the whole controversy

Sunak further emphasized that the work is not over yet. Lessons should be learned from such incidents. We continuously learn lessons and move forward for a better future. The issue of racism became public this week after Fulani revealed that Lady Hase pulled her hair to see her name badge during a palace banquet hosted by Queen Camilla. After this she was asked from which part of Africa she came, after which she told many times that she is British.

A Kensington Palace spokesperson clarified the entire episode, telling reporters that Prince of Wales William and Princess of Wales Kate believe the comment is ‘unacceptable’ and that ‘racism has no place in our society’.

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