Britain PM Rishi Sunak Left For G20 Summit With Veiled Attack On China Targeted Russia

Rishi Sunak G-20 Summit: British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on Sunday left for his first G20 summit. During this he urged the global powers to “unite against the exploitation of the world economy”. It is believed that his statement was against China.

After becoming the UK’s third prime minister this year, Sunak is set to hold his first bilateral meeting with US President Joe Biden and other world leaders at the summit in Bali, Indonesia.

What will be Sunak’s policy on China and Russia?

According to media reports, Rishi Sunak can look very aggressive about China. At the same time, Sunak’s pre-peak warning against the regime of Russian President Vladimir Putin has also become clear. “We will call for discussion on Putin’s regime and express our utter contempt for international cooperation and respect for sovereignty forums such as the G20,” he said in a statement on Saturday. The Russian President is not attending the G20 summit and Sunak’s spokesman said the prime minister would raise the issue with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Bali.

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‘Britain’s support for Ukraine will not be reduced’

It was believed that Sunak’s soft behavior towards Russia could be seen due to rising energy prices in Britain. However, Sunak’s spokesperson has clarified his policy on this. Sunak’s spokesman told reporters that Britain’s support for Ukraine “will not diminish or change”. The spokesman said Sunak in Bali would “talk in one voice with our allies on this.”

After returning from Bali, the budget will be presented in Britain

Let us tell you that Sunak will return to Britain on Thursday morning and is going to be the first to present his finance minister’s emergency budget statement. Sunak said Thursday’s budget “will determine how we bring this country on the right track.” However, before flying to Bali, he said, “Resolving the biggest economic crisis in a decade will require a concerted effort by the world’s largest economies… These are not problems that we can solve alone.” can.”

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