Brazil Son Father Duo Hired Hitmen To Kill Six Members

Brazil Family Murder: In Brazil, a father and son together hired betel nut killers. After hiring a betel nut killer, he got 6 people of his own house murdered. The main reason behind getting the murder done was that those people wanted to start a new life with their girlfriend. However, the police started investigating as soon as they got information about the murder. The police caught the three people who committed the murder (on January 14). Father and son fled Brazil after the betel nut killer was caught.

The betel nut killer told the police that her husband Thiago Gabriel Belchior de Oliveira gave us $19,000 to commit the murder. They then killed the wife, three children and the mother and sister. Police believe the pair had planned to rob and kill his wife Elizamar Silva, but the betel nut killer and the husband were killed in the car apart from the wife. On seeing the three children, the killer killed the wife along with the three children and set the car on fire. However, the police believe that before setting the car on fire on January 12, the husband had strangled one of his own children.

burnt car found
Initial police reports said a 39-year-old woman and her three children, including twins aged seven and six, parents-in-law and sister-in-law were reported missing. Police later found two cars belonging to the family in the states of Goiás and Minas Gerais, containing the charred bodies of six people, including three children. The Civil Police said that on Wednesday (January 18) afternoon a team of investigators reported the discovery of a seventh body in a house in the Planaltina area of ​​the Federal District, where some of the victims were held captive.

arrested three people
Police said on Tuesday (17 January) that they have arrested three men suspected of involvement in the crime, the ultimate aim of which was to steal valuables from the victims. The men, who allegedly took 100,000 reais (about $19,000) in money, told the investigating team that the children’s father and grandfather actively participated in the crime and fled.

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