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Boris Johnson On Rishi Sunak: Rishi Sunak of Indian origin has taken charge as the Prime Minister of Britain a few days ago. This is the first time in Britain that a person of Indian origin has reached the top post of British politics. Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson reacted to this. He said that his successor is of Indian origin. He also said that there are now more ministers of Indian origin in the United Kingdom cabinet than ever before.

‘Our party looks to the future’

At the 20th edition of the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit, former UK PM Johns talks about the Ukraine war, coronavirus, pandemic and geopolitics. Responding to a question about the premier of South Asian descent in the UK, she said, “It’s fantastic. Our party – the Conservative Party – looks to the future. We’ve even had three women prime ministers, more than India.

‘I was welcomed like Sachin Tendulkar’

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The former head of the country further said, “India has become the number one supplier of foreign students to the UK. There are between one lakh and eight thousand Indian students in the UK to support our education industry.” He also recalled the warm welcome he received during his visit to India. Johnson said that no mission I have led has been as successful as it was in April this year, we reached Gujarat and were greeted like Sachin Tendulkar!”

‘China is a huge fact of our lives’

He insisted that “China is a huge fact of our lives,” he further emphasized, “the UK and India have massive trade relations with China. It is one fifth of humanity. We have to work with China. . We have to try to engage with it, but we also have to be very careful.”

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