Beijing Eases Covid 19 Testing Norms After Widespread Protests

Zero Covid Policy in China: Corona cases are increasing rapidly in China. The Chinese government had strictly implemented its Zero Covid Policy in the whole country, against which the fire of protest gradually spread across the country. Now the Chinese government has to bow down in front of the people’s protest. There has been no reduction in the corona cases in Beijing, the capital of China, but public transport, bar-restaurants, schools, internet cafes, indoor gaming stadiums, etc. are slowly being opened here.

Also, if a person gets corona infected, then he does not need to go to the Quarantine Center. He can be quarantined at home only. After the protests going on in China since last week, the Chinese government is gradually ending its zero covid policy strictly on its own.

Chinese government relaxed the zero covid policy
China’s capital Beijing on Tuesday relaxed its norms for coronavirus testing requirements for the first time in nearly two years following protests against President Xi Jinping’s strict zero-covid policy.

No report required for entry in shopping malls and supermarkets
According to the new announcement of the Chinese government, people do not need a negative report of Corona to enter shopping malls, supermarkets and residential complexes. However, Beijing residents will still be required to show a report of COVID-19 within 48 hours to enter restaurants, schools, bars, internet cafes, indoor gaming stadiums, nursing homes, welfare facilities, hospitals and medical institutions. In which it is confirmed that they are not infected.

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A large number of cases of Kovid-19 are coming to the fore in Beijing city. On Monday, 2,260 Kovid infections have been reported in the city. On the other hand, public demonstrations are taking place in many Chinese cities including Beijing and Shanghai against the government’s zero covid policy.

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