BBC Documentary On PM Narendra Modi Britain PM Rishi Sunak Snub Pak Origin MP

Rishi Sunak On BBC Documentary: The BBC documentary on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the 2002 Gujarat riots has created a stir in the UK. There is a lot of controversy regarding this. Now this dispute has also reached the Parliament of Britain. When Pakistan-origin MP Imran Hussain raised this matter in Parliament, British PM Rishi Sunak pulled him up.

Speaking in support of Indian PM Modi, British PM Rishi Sunak said in his Parliament that he does not agree with his characterization in this documentary. Keeping his point, Sunak said that the position of the UK government on this matter is clear, the stand which has been there for a long time has not changed. Sunak further said that of course we do not tolerate harassment, wherever it may be, but I do not agree at all with the characterization that has been put forward about Narendra Modi.

BBC documentary on Gujarat riots

In fact, BBC, a British organization, showed a series in 2 parts targeting Narendra Modi’s tenure as the Chief Minister of Gujarat during the 2002 Gujarat riots. Due to this, a lot of displeasure was expressed by the Indian diaspora in Britain and then the documentary was removed from selected platforms. Indian-origin British citizens condemned this documentary, while British-origin Lord Rami Ranger said that the sentiments of more than a billion Indians have been hurt due to the BBC.

Rami Ranger denounces BBC report

Condemning BBC reporting, Rami Ranger also made a tweet in which he wrote that BBC News you have caused a lot of pain to more than a billion Indians. This is an insult to the democratically elected Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Indian Police and the Judiciary. We condemn the riots and loss of lives and also condemn your biased reporting. Apart from this, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs has also reacted to this BBC report.

What did the Ministry of External Affairs say?

Foreign Ministry spokesman Arindam Bagchi said that what was shown in Britain in the name of documentary is part of a propaganda. In which there is no truth. He said to note that it has not been screened in India. He said that this film or documentary is a reflection of the agency/individuals who are spreading this story again. This forces us to think about the purpose of this exercise and the agenda behind it.

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