Attention You Are Going Plastic Surgery Done Wait Woman Died After Just Two Days

Chicago Woman Died: If you wish to have any kind of plastic surgery, then this news is for you. In fact, Sucreta Tolliver, a resident of Chicago, died immediately two days after her surgery. She was admitted to the hospital on 12 December to undergo surgery. After the surgery, he started bleeding profusely. His daughter told that he was also shifted to another hospital, though he could not be saved. Talking to the people, his daughter said that if it is not very important, then all these things should be avoided.

The cause of Tolliver’s death from the hospital has been told as excessive bleeding. He has issued the certificate and handed it over to the relatives. When asked for more information from the family, the hospital management said that they cannot give any information now.

Family is demanding investigation
Sucreta’s family is demanding an investigation by the US government from the FBI. There is a lot of anger among people about this death in the city of Chicago. Socrates Tolliver’s brother, William, has said that what happened to him should be known to everyone and the only way out is to investigate it. He also said that this investigation is necessary so that no one else gets caught in the mouth of death.

what do the doctors say
Doctors say that after plastic surgery people can die due to complications. He believes that the first 24 hours after the operation are crucial. Patients need to be kept under observation for that period. According to a study, out of one lakh patients, only 20 are likely to die. In such cases death can also happen due to drug reaction. Eating too many antibiotics can also lead to heart attack.

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