Artemis 1 Moon Mission Launch Capture Earth Footage NASA Share Stunning Video Watch

NASA Artemis 1: The American space agency NASA has tried several times to reach the moon. It has been named Mission Moon, whose purpose is to search for life on the moon. Now after 50 years the Artemis-1 mission has been launched by NASA. Which is a big step of America in Mission Moon. The Artemis-1 mission was successfully launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Now a video shot from this rocket has been shared by NASA. In which our planet i.e. Earth is visible.

NASA tweeted video
NASA has created its Twitter handle in the name of this mission. A video was shared from this Twitter handle named NASA Artemis. In which spectacular pictures of the earth have been captured. Sharing this video, NASA wrote that the spacecraft moving towards the mission moon has captured these wonderful pictures of our planet. It can be seen in this video that the earth is visible just behind the rocket.

What is Artemis Moon Mission?
Actually, the purpose of this whole process is to land the human being once again on the moon’s land. Artemis-1 has been designed in a similar way. Human-looking mannequins have been sent in this. If everything goes well, then in the next phase, humans will board this spacecraft and once again steps will be taken on the lunar land. This is the world’s first such spacecraft which will cover a distance of about 4.50 lakh km. Through this spacecraft, NASA will test all the nuances that are necessary to live on the moon. Along with this, it will also be seen that if a person lands on the moon, then how long will he stay there and how will he return safely.

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According to NASA, if everything goes well, then by the end of 2024 or by 2025, a team of astronauts will fly to the moon. The special thing is that during the Artemis-1 moon mission, the Orion and SLS rockets will return to Earth after traveling to the moon. If this mission is successful, then apart from the moon, access to Mars and other planets will also be easy. At present, the successful launch of Artemis-1 is considered very special. Everyone is eagerly waiting for the completion of this mission.

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