Army Commanders Conference Begins Top Military Brass To Discuss Border Situation With China Make In India Ann

Commanders Conference: Amidst the ongoing confrontation with China in eastern Ladakh, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has called upon the Indian Army to keep its operational preparedness at the highest level. The Defense Minister has also asked the top commanders of the army to be ready to deal with any threat.

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh addressed the Army Commanders Conference (7-11) on Wednesday. During this, he praised the army for fighting the terrorists from the border. The Defense Minister said that the Army is the most trusted and inspiring organization for more than 100 crore countrymen.

Indian Army is becoming a future-ready force
The Defense Minister said that the army is always ready to help the civil administration. Rajnath Singh also praised the army’s efforts to become self-reliant. During this, the army also presented a presentation to Defense Minister Rajnath Singh in which it was shown that how the Indian Army is becoming a future-ready force.

The Army Commanders’ Conference, which is held twice a year, is the highest-level conference of the army so that military strategy can be prepared together. This is the second edition of this year. During this, senior army officers posted at the Army Headquarters, including Army Chief, General Manoj Pandey, along with the commanders of all the seven commands of the Army, are also discussing serious topics with the officials of the Ministry of Defense and the Department of Military Affairs (DMA).

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Commanders of Andaman are also taking part
Commanders of Andaman and Nicobar Command are also participating in the conference. The Chiefs of the Navy and Air Force, including Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and CDS General Anil Chauhan, are also addressing the conference to increase tri-service synergy in the three wings of the Army.

On what issue is the conference being held?
This time in the five-day Army Commanders’ Conference in the capital Delhi, the issue of relations with China has been covered. Because in this time’s Army Commanders Conference, apart from senior army officers, subject experts have also been called to address. This time experts have been invited on two special topics. The first topic is Contemporary India-China Relations and the second is the Technological Challenge for National Security.

Let us tell you that there has been disengagement between the armies of India and China on most of the disputed areas on the LAC adjacent to eastern Ladakh, but the dispute continues over old issues like Demchok and DBO. Apart from this, China’s PLA army is not yet ready for de-escalation and de-induction.

China will increase the number of fighter planes
China’s 50-60 thousand soldiers, tanks, cannons and missiles are still deployed close to the LAC. In the areas adjacent to the LAC, China is still strengthening its air-base and increasing the number of fighter planes there. According to recent reports, China is busy strengthening its infrastructure in Tibet and Aksai-Chin areas adjacent to eastern Ladakh. China is widening the border roads and is also preparing permanent barracks for its soldiers.

China has named the new border roads after its soldiers killed in the Galvan Valley. In such a situation, it seems that China is not ready for permanent peace. This is the reason why the Indian Army wants to have a deep discussion on how relations with China should be. That is why along with military commanders, experts will be called to this conference and their opinion will be known.

Discussion is being held on creating a future ready force
The Indian Army issued a statement saying that during the five-day conference, the top leadership of the Indian Army is preparing the strategy of the army in the context of the current security scenario. During this, a lot of discussion is being done on creating a future ready force of the army, increasing military capability and modernization. Apart from this, intensive discussions are being held on increasing self-reliance in the army (indigenous weapons and military equipment), new human resource policy and modern training.

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