Apple IPhone Production In India Increasing Company Planning To Shift Its Plant From China

iPhone Production in India Increasing: In terms of iPhone production, China’s dominance seems to be coming to an end. India is now seen defeating China. Bloomberg reported on Monday that Apple Inc exported more than $ 2.5 billion iPhones from India between April and December. This amount is almost double the total amount of the previous financial year.

The report also mentions how some western tech companies are moving away from China in terms of production. Apple is also among other big names which are now looking for alternatives to set up their plant in another country instead of China.

This is how the landscape is changing

If we look at earlier media reports, it is known that China used to produce about 44-47 percent of Apple products till 2019. Now the scenario is slowly changing, especially after the tensions between the United States and China.

Many companies are ready to leave China

The Bloomberg report states that Foxconn Technology Group and Wistron Corp have produced and marketed more than $1 billion of iPhone-marked devices abroad in the first nine months of the fiscal year ending March 2023. According to the news agency Bloomberg, Pegatron Corp is on its way to take gadgets worth about $ 500 million to other countries by the end of January.

This is how the figure is falling

A report published in Al Jazeera last month said that China used to produce 44 to 47 percent of Apple’s products earlier. With this figure, he was in the first place, but in 2020, Beijing’s share fell to 41 percent. By the year 2021, this figure has come down to 36 percent.

India can produce all iPhones by 2025

At the same time, amidst the shifting dynamics, JPMorgan has estimated that Apple could produce 25 percent of all iPhones in India by 2025. Apple started assembling its latest iPhone models in India only last year, but it aspires to become a hub of production units to compete with China.

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