Apple Co Founder Steve Jobs Used And Many Years Old Sandals Going To Auction

Steve Jobs Sandals Auction: Years-old sandals worn by the co-founder of Apple Company Steve Jobs are being auctioned. He used to wear a pair of brown suede leather Birkenstock Arizona sandals. This sandal has now been put up for auction on the website of auction company Julian Auctions. Its photo has also been shared on the website. This is looking very old looking.

According to the company, Steve Jobs wore it in the 70s and 80s. These sandals went live for auction on November 11 and are expected to end on November 13. Its bidding started around 15 thousand dollars i.e. around 12 lakhs. After this, two more bids were made, which were of 22 thousand 500 dollars. Now it remains to be seen how many rupees this bid stops by going.

The company estimated to sell at this

According to Julian Auctions, these sandals of Steve Jobs are expected to sell from 60 thousand to 70 thousand dollars i.e. 48 lakh to 64 lakh rupees. According to the information given on the website, Steve Jobs used to wear these sandals from the 1970s to the 1980s. Since then, this pair of Birkenstock sandals has been kept by Steve Jobs’s home manager Mark Schaff.

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Used to wear these sandals on important occasions

The auction house says that Jobs wore this sandal during several important moments in Apple’s history. The website states that she also wore this sandal during the launch of Apple Computer in her Los Altos garage in 1976 with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. He used to wear this sandal occassionally. When Jobs came to know about the simplicity and practicality of Birkenstocks, he became facetious about it.

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