American Minister Antony Blinken Angry On China Repression Of Lockdown Protest Is Sign Of Weakness

China Zero Covid Policy: Last week in China, citizens took to the streets and demonstrated against the zero covid policy. The situation appeared out of control in many cities and according to media reports, hundreds of people were also arrested. China faced criticism from many countries for allegedly suppressing the voice of protest. America once again lambasted China for this. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Wednesday (30 November) that China’s “repressive” action against protests against the lockdown showed the “weakness” of the communist leadership.

Antony Blinken said in an interview with NBC News that people of all countries have the right to “give vent to their frustration” through peaceful protest. Blinken, who attended NATO meetings in Romania, said, “In any country where we see this happen and then when we see that the government there takes repressive measures to stop it, it is not a sign of strength. .. It is a sign of weakness.”

Blinken, who plans to visit China next year as tensions between the US and China ease, declined to comment on whether the protests have affected the personal status of President Xi Jinping. .

‘We will do no such thing’

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Blinken further said, the demonstrations started due to China’s zero covid policy and we would not want to do anything like this at all. It is our endeavor to pay more attention to Covid vaccination, tests and treatment. Blinken said, “China needs to find a way forward to deal with Covid, a way that meets the needs of health, but also meets the needs of the people.”

Demonstration against zero covid policy

After the rapid increase in the cases of corona virus in China, the government implemented strict covid restrictions in many provinces. Last week, an accident also happened in Urumqi, China, in which 10 people died. Citizens blamed the zero covid policy of the government for this accident and protests started across the country.

Large-scale protests were witnessed in China last Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Protests spread like wild fire in Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan and Xinjiang. Lakhs of people were on the road and were shouting slogans against Chinese President Xi Jinping. Chinese citizens also demanded Xi Jinping to step down. The demonstrations also turned violent at many places and there were reports of clashes with the police. On the other hand, after Monday, the government announced relaxation of Covid restrictions in many provinces.

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