American Actor Ice Cube Revealed Said No To The Corona Vaccine Caused A Loss Of Rs 73 Crore

US Actor: According to a report in Los Angeles Times, American rapper and actor Ice Cube has revealed that he has lost $9 million i.e. Rs 73 crore due to his refusal to take the Kovid-19 vaccine. It was very expensive for them to say no to the Corona vaccine. He revealed this while speaking on a game podcast Million Dollar Worth.

Ice Cube told that he had chosen to say no to Sony Pictures’ project ‘Oh Hell No’ in October last year because he refused to get a vaccine designed to protect against coronavirus. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Ice Cube and Jack Black were going to act in this film.

Corona vaccine caused a loss of $ 9 million

Ice Cube said on the podcast, “I turned down a film because I didn’t want to get the Corona vaccine.” “I turned down $9 million because I didn’t want to take the jab. That jab and all of you… it cost me $9 million. I don’t know what Hollywood is going to do about me anymore,” Ice Cube said. What does he think?”

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Ice Cube clarified that he had not declined to play a role in the film, but was dropped from the project for refusing to get the Corona vaccine. He said, “I didn’t get work in the film. I didn’t reject it. They didn’t give me this film.” The Los Angeles Times reported that Cube said “Covid shot, jab … I didn’t need it. I didn’t get that vaccine and didn’t do the movie.”

The film was delayed after Ice Cube’s exit from the film, and it is still unclear when and how it will move forward. So far Sony Pictures has not announced any removal for Ice Cube.

Let us tell you that Ice Cube is an American rapper, his real name is O Shea Johnson Sr. On stage, he has named himself Ice Cube. He has also acted in some Hollywood films.

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