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US Cold Weather: There is severe cold in many countries of the world including America. There is heavy snowfall in Russia and its surrounding countries including Canada, UK. In New Hampshire, America, the mercury has gone below zero at a record level. The cold winds blowing at high speed have increased the difficulties of the people.

In New Hampshire, the mercury reached minus 103 degrees Fahrenheit on Friday. According to National Weather Service estimates, the wind chill in Mount Washington fell to -103 degrees Fahrenheit by Friday evening. People are being advised to take precautions.

Record cold in America

Mount Washington, the highest peak in New Hampshire’s White Mountains, reached the coldest recorded temperature in 138 years on Friday night, according to National Weather Service estimates. The Mount Washington Observatory, located in the White Mountains of northern New Hampshire at 6,288 feet, is experiencing extreme cold from a strong blast of arctic air. Wind chill record broken. By Friday evening, the wind chill had dropped to -103 degrees Fahrenheit, while the previous record was -102.7 degrees.

Increased discomfort due to cold winds

Winds were running at a speed of 96 to 140 mph on Friday at Mount Washington peak in New Hampshire. According to the report, before Friday only three times the air temperature in the US was recorded at -100 degrees Fahrenheit, which means that the weather on Mount Washington had already exceeded that record. In the year 1934, the coldest temperature ever recorded at this station was -47 degree Fahrenheit.

people advised to take precautions

Mount Washington Observatory mentioned in a blog on Friday morning that the wind chill at this peak can be very dangerous for the skin. New Hampshire organizations are planning emergency shelters and appealing for help for those experiencing homelessness. State officials are advising residents there to exercise caution. People are being urged to avoid hiking and other outdoor activities in the White Mountains due to dangerous conditions.

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