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Who is Kevin McCarthy: Kevin McCarthy of the Republican Party has been elected Speaker of the US House of Representatives. Republican leader Kevin McCarthy became the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives in a historic 15th round of voting after midnight on Saturday (7 January) after he successfully persuaded his party’s hardline rebels to support him. .

Kevin McCarthy, 57, has been elected Speaker of the House of Representatives, replacing Nancy Pelosi. In Washington DC, McCarthy was recognized with the rise of the Tea Party Movement.

Who is Kevin McCarthy?

Kevin McCarthy was born in Bakersfield, California. McCarthy started a sandwich shop after high school with $5,000. He had won money in the lottery. His fortunes changed in 2002 when he was elected to the California State Assembly. He soon became popular due to his friendly nature, liberal ideology and ability to deal with Democrats.

Identification with the Tea Party movement

In Washington DC, McCarthy was identified with the rise of the Tea Party movement, an economically conservative political movement. This movement started in 2009 within the Republican Party. It included members who believed in fiscal responsibility, limited government, and the free market. According to a BBC report, the specialty of the movement was to oppose the Congress and the White House. Not only this, its members also expressed deep disbelief on the government and the media.

McCarthy’s ideology

According to The Indian Express report, McCarthy was a moderate in the early years of his political career. He befriended those whom he once despised. Matt Gaetz, a hard-right Republican representative from Florida and one of McCarthy’s biggest critics, said, “Every single Republican in Congress knows that Kevin really doesn’t believe anything. He doesn’t have an ideology.”

In the history of the last 160 years of America, this time the election for the post of speaker lasted for the longest time i.e. 5 days. It took 15 rounds of voting to elect McCarthy because of the hard-right rebel group of Republicans. McCarthy, 57, received 216 votes in the final vote, 212 for House Minority Leader Hakeem Jefferies.

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