America More Than 20 States Ban Tiktok From Government Devices Over Cyber ​​Security Risk

American States Ban TikTok: Video App TikTok, popular in America, is constantly facing difficulties. Right now more than 20 states have banned the app on government devices citing security risks. Recently, the US state of Kentucky banned the Tiktok app. Kentucky has said that it has informed state employees about the Tiktok ban.

On Thursday (January 12), the governors of Wisconsin and North Carolina signed orders banning TikTok on government devices. Ohio, New Jersey and Arkansas also took similar action earlier this week.

These Chinese companies also fell on
Let us tell you that some American states have gone further than targeting Tiktok. New Jersey and Wisconsin, for example, have also banned vendors, products and services from other Chinese companies, including Huawei Technologies, Hikvision, Tencent Holdings – the owner of WeChat, ZTE Corp, as well as Russian-based Kaspersky Lab.

What did TikTok say on the ban?

Tiktok said, “We are disappointed that so many states are looking at each other to implement the policy. They are not doing anything for cyber security in their states, but are talking lies about Tiktok.” , which has no basis.”

Uproar after FBI director’s statement

Most of the states that have banned Tiktok have Republican governors. And Wisconsin, North Carolina and Kentucky all have Democratic governors. US FBI Director Christopher Wray said in November that it was a threat to national security. After this, the demand to ban Tiktok on government devices intensified. Christopher Ray flagged the danger that the Chinese government could use the app to influence users or control their devices.

over 100 million users

Let us tell you that Tiktok has more than 100 million users. For the past three years, the app has been trying to assure Washington that the personal data of US citizens cannot be accessed and its content is not influenced or manipulated by the Chinese Communist Party or Beijing. .

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