America George Floyd Murderer Police Officer Received A Three-Year Sentence

George Floyd Murder: After the murder of George Floyd in America, the whole of America was burning in violent fire. Today justice has finally been done. In the year 2020, black George Floyd died in police custody. The police officer held Floyd by his knee for eight minutes. He had died due to shortness of breath.

According to Reuters, on Friday in the case of George Floyd’s death, former Minneapolis police officer J.J. Alexander Kueng, who kneeled on George Floyd’s back, has been convicted by the court of aiding and abetting the murder. Kueng is already in jail regarding this matter. The court has sentenced Alexander Kueng to three and a half years.

brutal murder by the police

There was an outcry across America after the video of the murder of American-born George Floyd went viral. It was seen in the videos that Floyd’s back was pressed with his knee when another policeman was keeping his knee on his neck. During this, Floyd died due to shortness of breath and suffocation, after which there were massive protests in America. 5 people also died in the demonstration. Please tell that people had set fire to the whole city. There was a protest outside the White House as well, due to which Donald Trump had to hide in a bunker.

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J is already serving a sentence. Alexander Kueng

Kueng was convicted by a US court in October for abetting second-degree murder and aiding and abetting Floyd’s murder. Although he is already serving a federal sentence for violating Floyd’s civil rights. He was produced in the court through video conferencing from a jail in Ohio.

During the hearing of the case J. Alexander Kueng admitted that he held Floyd’s back tightly and that he knew very well, due to his experience and police training, that holding a handcuffed man in this position could prove to be dangerous to his life. Despite this, he gave full cooperation in the murder.

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