America Former President Donald Trump Facebook Ban To Be Revoked By Meta After Twitter Instagram

Donald Trump on Facebook: Soon the picture will be clear whether former US President Donald Trump will return to Facebook and Instagram. According to the report of the Financial Times, Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, is soon going to decide on the return of the former President to the social media platform.

The social media giant had earlier said that it would take a decision by January 7 regarding the return of former President Donald Trump to the platform. However, now quoting a knowledgeable person related to the matter, the Financial Times has said that now this decision can be taken at the end of the month.

prepared working group
Meta has formed a working group to look into this entire matter, in which members from the Public Policy and Communication team as well as the Content Policy team have been included.

News agency Reuters tried to know its side from Meta on the matter but no response has been received from the company.

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back on twitter
Meta is going to take this decision at a time when Twitter had restored Donald Trump’s account some time back. In fact, after acquiring the ownership of Twitter, Elon Musk had withdrawn the permanent ban on Twitter on the former President in November last year. Musk had conducted a poll on Twitter, after which it was decided to lift the ban on the basis of votes received from the user.

However, even after the restoration on Twitter, Trump once again reiterated his old stand that he has no interest in returning to Twitter. In a question asked about the plan to return on Twitter, the former president said that “I don’t see the reason for it.”

That’s why it was banned?
In the year 2020, after the defeat in the US presidential election, Trump’s supporters were enraged. On January 6, supporters turned violent and entered the Capitol Hill building. Supporters had alleged rigging in the election, which was fueled by Trump himself. However, he could not present evidence in support of this. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram banned Donald Trump after the January 6 violence.

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