America Embassy Alerts Its Staff In Pakistan There May Be A Suicide Attack In Islamabad

US Embassy In Pakistan: The US Embassy in Islamabad on Sunday barred its staff from visiting the city’s Marriott Hotel due to concerns of a “potential attack”. The embassy said in a security alert that the US government was “aware of information that unidentified individuals are plotting to attack Americans at the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad while on vacation.”

The embassy also urged all its personnel to refrain from “non-essential, unofficial travel to Islamabad during the holiday season” due to the red alert declared in the city and the ban on public gatherings.

There was an attack two days ago as well

The embassy advised its staff to exercise caution at events, places of worship and avoid large gatherings. Let us tell you that two days ago a policeman was killed and six others were injured in a suicide bomb blast in the capital.

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Islamabad administration on alert

The capital administration subsequently banned all gatherings, especially activities related to upcoming local government elections, for two weeks and declared a high alert in the city for 48 hours.

The suicide attack took place 14 years ago at the Marriott Hotel.

Significantly, in 2008, a suicide bomber rammed a truck carrying 600 kg of high explosives into the outer gate of the five-star Marriott Hotel, killing 60 people. Pakistan faces a growing threat of terrorism, including incidents involving elements and groups operating from Afghanistan after the militant Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan called off its ceasefire with the government in late November.

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