America Couple Married After 42 Years Old Love Story Wins Hearts Online

42 Years Old Love Story: It is said that true love never dies, this thing has proved to be true in America. In America, two lovers separated 42 years ago met in their old age. This couple, who failed to take their love to the destination in youth, got married in old age. Now the love story of both is becoming very viral on social media.

According to the American magazine People, the name of the couple is Stephen Watts and Jean Watts. Both are residents of America. Jean is now 69 years old, while Stephen is 73 years old. Jean and Stephen met in college. The friendship of both soon turned into love. However, time had separated the two.

had to be separated due to apartheid

According to media reports, Jean’s family was not ready for marriage at that time because Stephen was black. Due to this apartheid, both could not be with each other. Despite parents’ refusal, both kept meeting each other and dated each other for seven years and then both got jobs and shifted to different cities. After that both had decided to separate with a heavy heart.

Both married in old age

Jean got married under pressure from the family but was divorced in 2021. She was living alone. Meanwhile, he got Stephen’s address. When she reached Chicago to meet him, she saw that Stephen was admitted in the hospital. He is on a wheel chair after a brain stroke. Stephen became emotional on seeing Jean. At the same time, seeing Stephen in the hospital, Jean also started crying. After this, Jean married her childhood love ie Stephen.

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