America Announces 400 Million Military Assistance To Ukraine After Russia Ordered To Withdraw Army From Kherson

Russia-Ukraine War News: Between Russia and Ukraine war, now Russia has ordered the withdrawal of Russian troops from Kherson. Despite this, America announced a military aid of $ 400 million to Ukraine. This aid package will also include a large quantity of ammunition and for the first time Avenger Air Defense System. Along with this, it also includes grenade launchers, small arms,

White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said the package includes essential air defenses. Along with missiles for the Hawk air defense system, US Avenger air defense systems will also be provided. In addition, the package includes ammunition for 21,000 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems, 155 mm artillery rounds, 500 precision-guided 155 mm artillery rounds, 10,000 mm mortar rounds, 100 high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicles or 400 Humvees.

America’s announcement after ordering the withdrawal of troops

The US made this announcement after Russia ordered the withdrawal of troops from the important city of Kherson. It was also the only city that Russia had been able to capture since the February invasion. Media reports said the order came at a meeting in Moscow between Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and the commander of the Russian military in Ukraine, General Sergei Surovikin, as Ukrainian forces were advancing from two directions towards the city of Kherson.

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America is strengthening Ukraine in the name of military aid

It is also being speculated that America does not want this war to end. According to media reports, America is trying to strengthen Ukraine and attack Russia. This is the reason why arms are being supplied here in the name of military aid, so that Putin’s supremacy can end. According to reports, at least one lakh Russian soldiers have been killed in this war, while 40 thousand people have been killed in Ukraine.

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