Amazing Doctors Grown A Nose On A Woman Arm And Successfully Transplanted It On Her Face

Amazing: Surgeons have made a new feat in France. He raised his nose on a woman’s arm and put it on her face. After growing the nose on the arm, it was transplanted on the face. The woman lost a part of her nose in 2013 during cancer treatment with radiotherapy and chemotherapy. After that she made several attempts to get her nose back, but now she has got her nose back after an unprecedented medical procedure by the surgeons for which she has thanked the doctors.

According to the Evening Standard, a custom nose made of 3D-printed biomaterial to replace the cartilage, was made for him and then the front part was cut and applied to the face. Doctors grew his nose on his own arm and then used a skin graft to cover the nose. Let the nose grow on the arm for two months. Then it was transplanted on his face.

Unique initiative of medical system

Toulouse University Hospital (CHU) shared pictures of a growing nose on the arm on Facebook. The hospital said the new nose was successfully grafted onto the woman’s face on Tuesday. The doctors posted that the transplant was successful. After two months of effort, finally the grown nose has been transplanted.

News Reels

Doctors told that blood vessels can be successfully implanted using micro-surgery by anastomoses. Now that patient is happy to have his new nose, but it is being monitored more thoroughly now.

first such surgery

According to the Evening Standard, doctors used microsurgery to connect the blood vessels in the skin of the hand to the blood vessels in the woman’s face. The patient is now fine after 10 days of hospitalization and three weeks of antibiotics.

The hospital said that such a delicate surgery had never been done before in the medical system and it has been made possible. Thanks to the collaboration of the medical teams with Serhum, a Belgian manufacturer of medical devices specializing in bone reconstruction. Apart from this, the hospital also said that this new technology can open new doors for other technologies.

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