Alleged Audio Call Leak Of Pakistan Ex PM Imran Khan, Netizens React Social Media

Imran Khan Audio Call Leak: The difficulties of former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan are increasing. Now his name has allegedly come in the sex call leak scandal. In the leaked call recording, a man can be heard ‘obscenely talking’ to a woman. It is being told that that man is Imran Khan. The alleged audio leak of former Pak PM Imran Khan with an unknown woman has created a ruckus on social media.

Internet users are now seen asking for the link of Imran Khan’s call recording on social media. According to Pakistani media reports, the alleged call recording of Imran Khan has shocked the Islamic nation.

According to some Pakistani news portals, the audio going viral is from the PMO office of Pakistan only. Many Pakistani journalists say that Imran Khan was also caught having an obscene conversation with a woman.

Flood of comments on journalist Naila Inayat’s tweet

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Naila Inayat, a female journalist from Pakistan, tweeted on her Twitter account, “Imran Khan has now become Imran Hashmi in the alleged sex call leak.” Actually, the voice of Imran Khan, the call recording that has been leaked, was first shared on the YouTube channel of a Pakistani journalist named Syed Ali Haider.

At the same time, retired Indian defense analyst Major Gaurav Arya also quipped about this. On his Twitter handle, he wrote, “Someone from Pakistan sent me a video from a YouTube channel called Syed Ali Haider Official, run by a Pakistani journalist. It is said that this audio clip is of Imran Khan, with whom 2 There were women.”

However, after the alleged call recording of Imran Khan was leaked, many reactions are coming from the internet users. In Naila Inayat’s tweet, a person named Dibakar Dutt replied, “Where is the goddamn link?”

At the same time, Devesh Tiwari Almora said- “Ha, ha.. Naila, you have written amazingly.”

Another user wrote, ‘He was raising funds for flood victims on Onlyfans’

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