Alive Man Frozen To Death In America Know At What Temperature Anyone Dies

Snow Storm In America : America, one of the most powerful countries in the world, is currently facing the brunt of the cold. The conditions there are very delicate due to the cold. More than 50 people have died. Talking about the present, the temperature in America has gone up to -45 degrees. Life of lakhs of people has come to a standstill due to winter. The snow storm has ruined all the planning for the Christmas celebration. Under compulsion, people are forced to be imprisoned inside their homes. Due to this cold, a person’s life in America has been lost due to freezing in the snow.

The condition of cold is that if a person comes in contact with open air, then his skin may become dead due to cold. Let us know to what degree our body can tolerate cold.

What is the degree of temperature the body can tolerate
Usually a person at 140-degree-Fahrenheit (60-degree-Celsius) suffers from hyperthermia within 10 minutes. Delimiting death by cold is a difficult task. A human usually dies at 70 °F (21 °C), but how long it takes depends on how cold the person is and the secret of hibernation. Till now this matter continues to be discussed.

Most deaths in New York

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According to media reports, the minimum temperature in the western US state of Montana fell to -45 degree Celsius. The National Weather Service says temperatures in Des Moines, Iowa were -37°F (-38°C), which can cause frostbite in less than 5 minutes. In simple words, if a person comes in contact with open air in this situation, then his skin may become dead due to cold. So far, there is news of the death of about 48 people in this disaster. Maximum 27 deaths have occurred in New York.

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