Albania Opposition Leader Get Punch On Face While Doing Protest Against Government

Sali Berisha Punch Video: In Albania, the leader of the opposition, Sali Berisha, was protesting against the government. During this, someone punched him in the face. He got hurt in this accident and also got a scar on his face. In fact, a summit of European Union leaders and their counterparts was going on in Albania and Sali Berisha was performing anti-government protests during this time.

Sali Berisha has also been the President and Prime Minister of Albania. At present he is not in power and was leading the anti-government protests. Many big leaders were involved in this protest and were going with the crowd to the place where the summit was going on. Meanwhile, a person comes out of this crowd and attacks and punches his face. After this, the security guards immediately overpowered the person who attacked.

Police arrested the attacker

As of now, it is not known who was the person who attacked Berisha or what was the motive behind the attack. While issuing a statement, the police said that the person who has been arrested is 31 years old and he is mentally ill. Even before this, he has been associated with cases of violence and drug smuggling. So on the other hand, Berisha has accused Prime Minister ED Ram of this attack and said that he wants to stop this Protest.

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Albania’s PM accused of corruption

At the same time, allegations of corruption have been leveled against the current Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Ram. The opposition is opposing his government regarding this. Along with this, ED Ram is also being accused that in view of the crisis of living in the country, the youth of Albania are migrating to Western European countries to live a better life.

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