Air India Flight Pee Controversy Sugata Bhattacharjee Alleged Flight Crew Cleaned Seat And Kept Blankets Shankar Mishra Urine

Air India Flight Urine Controversy: After the urine incident in Air India New York-Delhi flight, now a co-passenger has exposed the antics of the accused Shankar Mishra. Along with this, he has also accused the crew members of not giving a new seat to the elderly woman. American doctor Sugat Bhattacharya, who was seated next to accused Shankar Mishra in business class on an Air India flight, has alleged that the flight crew cleaned the seat of an elderly woman passenger and the blanket smelled.

Eyewitness doctor Sugata Bhattacharjee said that even after requesting for a new seat on behalf of the elderly woman, she was not given another seat and was made to sit on a dirty seat.

Eyewitness accuses crew members

Eyewitness Sugata Bhattacharya alleged that the crew members could have given Mishra’s seat to him, but they did not do so. He said, “The victim woman was very civilized. Two junior air hostesses cleaned the seat. Put blankets on the seat smelling of urine. I went to the senior air hostess and asked her to give me another seat but she said she can’t do that as she has to take permission from the captain.”

Accused Shankar Mishra was intoxicated

Sugata Bhattacharya also told that the accused Shankar Mishra was intoxicated. He said that Mishra had taken drinks four times and then was asking him the same question several times. I finished my lunch and asked the flight attendant to keep an eye on him. Sugat Bhattacharya had earlier claimed that the captain of the flight made the victim wait for nearly two hours before allotting a new seat.

Shankar Mishra jailed

In a written complaint to the airline, Sugat Bhattacharya had earlier said that the woman passenger was forced to go back to her dirty seat despite four seats being vacant in first class, reported news agency PTI. Let us tell you that the Delhi Police had arrested Shankar Mishra from Bengaluru, who allegedly urinated on a female co-passenger in an Air India flight. The Delhi court sent him to judicial custody for 14 days.

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