After Taiwan China Now Target America China Warning To America Send Aircraft Carrier Liaoning Near Guam

China warning to America: China, which is constantly threatening Taiwan, has now started threatening America as well. China is constantly trying to intimidate America. In the latest developments, the super-destructive aircraft carrier Liaoning has passed near the US naval base Guam in the Pacific Ocean. This act of China has made it clear that it will not desist from showing its eyes to America. Japanese officials have confirmed the passing of this Chinese aircraft carrier near Guam. Many experts have said about this move of China that it wants to give a message to America by its action that it does not tolerate America’s interference in Taiwan in any way.

Aircraft equipped with killer missiles

China’s super destroyer aircraft was equipped with killer missiles. The aircraft carrier was leading the fleet of Chinese warships. This aircraft carrier had tried to scare America’s ally Japan in the past. The fighter jet practiced flying 260 times from the Chinese warship near the Japanese island of Okinawa. America has deployed its army on a large scale at this base of Japan.

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