After flour in Pakistan, pulses now set people’s plates on fire! thousands of containers stuck at the port

Pakistan Flour Crisis: Another basic kitchen item has started getting expensive for people badly affected by inflation in Pakistan. According to Dawn newspaper report, the prices of pulses are rising due to non-clearance of imported consignments at the port due to delay in approval of relevant documents by banks.

Rauf Ibrahim, president of the Karachi Wholesalers Grocers Association (KWGA), said traders staged a protest outside the State Bank head office on Thursday against the non-clearance of over 6,000 containers of pulses at the port for the last two months due to dollar shortage and banks. protested.

Increased price of Chana Dal
Faisal Anees Majeed, who imports/exports the commodity, told Dawn that the wholesale price of chana dal has increased from PKR 180 on January 1, 2023 and PKR 170 to PKR 205 per kg on December 1, 2022. The price of masoor dal increased from 205 Pakistani rupees to 225 PKR, while it was 200 PKR in December.

Pulses increased from 230 to 300 PKR per kg
Whereas, in the retail markets, the rates of masoor, moong, mash and gram dal are 270-280 PKR, 250-300 PKR, 380-400 PKR and 230-260 PKR, 210-240 PKR, 180-220 PKR, 260-300 PKR PKR has become per kg. Due to non-clearance of pulses containers from the port, the retail price may increase further.

Pakistan imports 1.5 million tonnes of pulses
As reported by Dawn, Majeed said that banks have stopped accepting any import documents from January 1, 2023, as well as payments for currently arriving cargo and other relevant documents. Let us inform that Pakistan consumes about 1.5 million tonnes of imported pulses every year. He informed that the shipping companies are imposing heavy demurrage charges and detention charges on the stuck containers on daily basis. This additional cost will obviously be passed on to the end consumers.

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