Afghanistan: Taliban’s new decree, ban on girls studying in university

Taliban: It has been more than a year since the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan. Every day a Taliban decree is issued in Afghanistan. In this series, a new order was issued on Tuesday, in which an indefinite ban was imposed on university education for Afghan girls. According to a letter from the Minister of Higher Education, the Taliban has announced the closure of universities run for girls and women in Afghanistan.

All of you are hereby informed to implement the order suspending women’s education till further notice,’ said the letter signed by Higher Education Minister Neda Mohammad Nadeem on Tuesday.

The admission test was held three months ago

It is worth mentioning that three months ago, thousands of girls and women had given the admission test organized in universities all over Afghanistan. This order arrived soon after. After this new decree, the future of thousands of girls in Afghanistan is looking bleak. 

The decree was issued earlier also 

Let us tell you that after taking over Afghanistan, the Taliban had issued a decree regarding the education of women and girls. It was said in this that women and girls will not be able to study in men’s schools. Also, only women teachers will be able to teach them.

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