Afghanistan Taliban Bans Female Students Not Allowed To Sit University Entrance Exam

Afghanistan Bans Female Students For Exams: Since taking over Afghanistan, the Taliban has been oppressing the women and girls of the country. Along with atrocities on women, they are also being deprived of their rights. Apart from banning the freedom of women, they are also being prevented from studying.

The Taliban has issued a new order banning students from appearing in the university entrance exam. The Taliban has ordered private universities not to allow girl students to sit for university entrance exams.

Girls are barred from appearing in the entrance exam

According to news agency Reuters, giving another decree regarding female students, the Taliban-run Ministry of Higher Education has sent an order to private universities in Afghanistan to prevent female students from sitting in the university entrance examination to be held next month. It has been said to take strict action for violating the order.

warning of legal action

A letter from the Taliban-led ministry has been sent to institutions in Afghanistan’s northern provinces, including Kabul, where exams are scheduled to be held from the end of February. It has been said in the letter that institutions that do not follow the rules will have to face legal action. The Ministry of Higher Education had in December asked universities not to allow female students to sit for exams until further notice.

oppression of women in afghanistan

The Taliban administration in Afghanistan had stopped women NGO workers from working. Most of the girls’ high schools have also been closed by the authorities. Stopping women from working and banning education is being condemned internationally. Western diplomats have indicated that the Taliban need to change course on their policies towards women in order to gain formal international recognition and reduce their economic isolation.

Even after several months of Taliban occupation, the economic condition of Afghanistan is very bad. The country is still going through a severe economic crisis. Many other countries including India have been providing humanitarian aid in Afghanistan. At the same time, the Taliban is firm on its old attitude of persecuting women.

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