Afghanistan Students Girls Protest Against Taliban Kabul Over University Education Ban Arrested

Taliban Women Education: The Taliban government of Afghanistan imposed an indefinite ban on university education for Afghan girls. Ever since the ban on studies, the girls of Afghanistan have started raising their voice for their rights. In this connection, a small group of Afghan women protested against the order of Taliban in Kabul on Thursday. Some women have also been arrested while demonstrating.

After imposing a ban on human rights in Afghanistan, the Taliban’s higher education minister on Tuesday banned the education of girls in public and private universities. “They (Taliban) kicked girls out of the university. Respected people outside, please support us, please support us… Either it’s rights for all,” girls protesting in Kabul said in a video by AFP news agency. Or to none!”

Still many girls in police custody

“Some girls have been arrested by female policemen, two of them have been released, but many are still in police custody,” a protester who took part in the demonstration told AFP on condition of anonymity. . In the demonstration, about two dozen girls marched on the streets wearing hijabs and masks. The protesting girls raised their hands and raised slogans protesting the decision of the Taliban government.

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performance is important

Let us tell you that this demonstration is also important in the sense that since the Taliban took over Afghanistan, this is probably the first major protest led by women in Afghanistan. Because protesters in Afghanistan risk arrest, violence and social stigma.

The Taliban’s decision to indefinitely ban university education for Afghan girls has been condemned by the US, the United Nations and several Muslim nations.

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