Afghanistan: Students agitated over Taliban banning higher education for girls, boycotted their class in protest

Male Afghan Student Boycott Classes: Taliban has banned girls in their universities. After this, male students have boycotted their classes in protest against this. Speaking to TOLO News, male students said that they will not go to their classes until the ban on girls is lifted.

Many experts of Kabul University have also asked the Taliban to reconsider their decision. Apart from this, he believes that it is unfortunate to deny entry of girls to educational institutions.

What else the male students said 

Regarding Taliban’s ban on women’s education in the country, Muzamel, a student, said, "We will continue our boycott and if the women’s classes are not reopened, we will also boycott our lessons and not continue our education." Another student Navidullah said that universities are closed for our sisters. We also don’t want to go to university.

What did the college teacher say?

Lecturer Taufiqullah said, "We have asked the Islamic Emirate to reopen universities for our sisters." Another student Mohebullah said, "My two sisters are also pursuing higher education, but due to the closure of the institutes, I too will not be able to move ahead." Afghanistan’s Ministry of Higher Education suspended higher education for female students earlier in December. The decision has also led to widespread opposition and global condemnation of the Taliban.

Many rights have been taken away from women

From 15 August 2021, the authorities have stopped girls from going to secondary school. Women and girls have also been stripped of their freedom of movement, excluding women from most areas and banning women from using parks, gyms and public bathrooms.

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