Afghanistan Men Walk Out Of Classes To Support Girls Student Banned From Colleges Protest Against Taliban

Afghanistan Student Walk Out of Classes: There has been a ruckus in Afghanistan after the ban on girl students from going to college. University students have boycotted classes protesting the ban. Along with this, many university professors have also come in support of the girl students. Citing non-compliance of proper dress code, the Taliban government has banned women from going to college.

The Taliban regime in Afghanistan says the university has been declared off-limits to female students because they were not following a number of instructions, including the proper dress code.

Uproar of students after ban on girls

According to media reports, many students walked out of the classroom to protest against the Taliban’s decision not to allow female students in educational institutions. Many professors of the universities of Afghanistan also walked out leaving the class in support of women. About 60 professors who taught at the university resigned from their roles after the Taliban decree. Many students in colleges showed solidarity with their female counterparts.

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What did the education minister say?

Earlier, Taliban Education Minister Nida Mohammad Nadeem defended the decision to bar women from studying in colleges and universities, saying, “We told the girls to wear proper hijab but they didn’t and dressed like they Going to a wedding ceremony.” The education minister further said that girls were studying agriculture and engineering, but this did not match with the Afghan culture. Girls should study, but not in areas that are Islam-based. And go against Afghan honor.

Significantly, Taliban officials on Tuesday (December 20) ordered an indefinite ban on university education for Afghan girls. The Ministry of Education of the Taliban regime had issued a letter to all government and private universities regarding this.

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