Accused Of Istanbul Blast Ahlam Abashir Told Who Gave Him Training How He Entered Turkey

Istanbul: Ahlam Abashir, accused of the bomb blast in the Turkish capital Istanbul, has confessed who trained her and how she entered Turkey. Ahlam Abashir is a Syrian citizen and was trained by the PKK. The PKK had trained him as a special intelligence officer. Along with this, he had illegally entered Turkey through Afrin Idlib to carry out the crime.

Ahlam Abashir has been arrested for carrying out the bombings. He is associated with the terrorist organization Kurdistan Workers Party. Six people were killed and 80 were injured in a blast in Istanbul. Apart from the woman Ahlam, 2 suspected men were also involved in this blast, out of which one person has been arrested. While the search for the second suspect is on.

According to the police, the blast took place at Istiklal Street around 4:15 pm on Sunday evening. There was a huge crowd at the time of the blast. In the blast, 4 people died on the spot and 2 people died during treatment. According to the report of Al Jazeera, the woman suspected to have been involved in the blast is a member of the Women’s Kurdistan Workers Party. It is a Kurdish extremist leftist organization.

chaos after the blast

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The place where the blast took place is a congested road which is very popular among tourists and locals. There are also many shops and restaurants here. There was a crowd of people at the time of the blast. There was chaos after the blast. After the blast, the police cordoned off the entire area. Police banned entry in the entire area. The police sealed the area and started investigating them by taking all the CCTV cameras installed there. On the basis of these CCTV footage, the police arrested the suspects involved in the blast.

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