About 40 People Died In West New York More Dead Bodies Can Be Found When The Snow Melts The Situation Is Worse

Snowstorm In US: The life of millions of people has come to a standstill due to the snow storm in America. The temperature in America had gone up to -45 degrees. The condition of cold is that people are freezing due to snow. On Thursday (December 29), the mayor of Buffalo, New York’s second most populous city, told that the city’s main road has been opened. The officials there have started searching for the dead bodies. Many people have still not been traced, who went missing after last week’s blizzard.

So far more than 40 people have died due to cold in New York. Buffalo City Mayor Byron Brown has said that snow removal has been expedited. Suburban roads, major highways and the international airport in the city of Buffalo have already been opened.

what the mayor of the city said
While requesting the people there, Brown has said that people should avoid unnecessarily taking vehicles out of the house. Buffalo City officials and guards are visiting people’s homes to find out their needs. Please tell that due to the snow storm in the city, the electricity has come to a standstill in the city. The officials there are waiting for the snow to melt and are busy searching for people. Buffalo city police are also looking for the missing people.

stay at home appeal
Giving information about the blizzard on Thursday, Erie County official Mark Polonkarz said that some of the victims have still not been identified. He said, “There are many families in the city who are still searching for their missing loved ones.” On the other hand, according to the governor of Ohio, most of the deaths are happening on the roads due to the current situation. He has appealed to the people to stay in their homes till the situation becomes normal.

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