8mm Missing Deadly Radioactive Capsule Sparks High Radiation Alert In Western Australia

Radioactive Capsule Missing in Australia News: There has been a stir in Australia due to the disappearance of a small radioactive capsule. High radiation alert has been issued in Western Australia. The capsule went missing while being moved from one mine to another. It is being told that due to this capsule, there is a possibility of spreading radioactive infection-borne disease.

According to media reports, health officials have claimed that this radioactive capsule can prove to be extremely dangerous. This capsule is eight millimeters long and six millimeters wide. It is filled with a substance called radioactive cesium-137.

How and where was the radioactive capsule lost?

It has been told in the reports that this capsule is used in mining work. It is used inside the gauge in mining operations. It is being told that when it was being carried in a truck, a bolt opened due to the threat and the capsule fell somewhere on the way.

The Fire and Emergency Services Department reported that a silver capsule filled with cesium-137 was lost while being transported from the town of Newman in the remote Kimberley region to Perth’s north-east suburbs. The capsule was to arrive at the Perth storage facility. The city of Newman is about 1200 kilometers north-east of Perth.

The truck was loaded on January 12

The radioactive capsule was trucked from the site on 12 January but when it was not found until this week, emergency services were alerted. Now it is being searched. It has been told that the capsule belonged to a mine named Rio Tinto.

How dangerous can capsules be? health official told

Andrew Robertson, Western Australia’s chief health officer, told reporters that if the capsule were placed near the body, it could cause skin redness and radiation burns. He also said that radiation from the capsule could cause serious damage. Its harmful effects also include damaging the body’s immunity.

The health officer said that the concern is that no one should pick it up. If this happens, he will not know how dangerous it can prove to be. An official told the media that this capsule is being searched keeping the populated areas on priority.

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