16 Killed Dozens Injured In China Highway As Many Vehicles Collapsed

Highway Accident: Saturday proved to be inauspicious for the neighboring country China. About 50 vehicles collided with each other on the highway here, in which 16 people died and dozens were injured. Officials told that this incident happened on a highway in central China. Apart from this, the local media has released a footage in which burning trucks and broken cars are visible.

Several vehicles collided with each other at around 5 pm yesterday, local time. Police said some vehicles caught fire in the accident on an expressway. On Saturday evening, 49 vehicles collided with each other in ten minutes on the Shuchang-Guangzhou highway in Changshakha city of Hunan province. The report quoted the local traffic police department as saying, 16 people died and 66 others were injured in the accident.

What do the police have to say?

All the injured have been sent to hospitals, eight of them are seriously injured but their condition is stable. The road traffic police said on social media, “There were five traffic accidents within about 10 minutes, one accident involving seven vehicles in which seven people were killed. The remaining three accidents involved 11, 10 and 9 vehicles respectively, resulting in three deaths each. There were no casualties in another accident, involving 12 vehicles. 66 people were injured in these accidents.

At present, road traffic has resumed on that part of the highway where the accident took place. The Ministry of Emergency Management has dispatched a task force to the scene to deal with the accident. The investigation of the case and the subsequent developments are still underway.

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