12 Wives 102 Children And 568 Grandchildren You Must Know About 67 Year Old Man From Africa Uganda

Ugandan Polygamous Wives: You will be aware of many amazing feats in the world. One such news has come from Africa. In fact, a farmer from Africa has done 12 marriages and has a total of 102 children. The name of this farmer is Musa Hasahaya. Moses says, now he does not want to increase his family.

He has said that now there is a problem in running the expenses of the family. His wife has also started taking birth control pills. Musa also has 568 grandchildren.

total children

Most of the children of Musa are between 6 and 51 years of age. All the children work in the fields along with Moses. The eldest child of Moses is 21 years older than his youngest mother. Moses’ wives may be taking birth control pills, but their use in Lusaka is highly controversial. It is seen from the point of view of narrow-mindedness. Musa is no longer able to work due to ill health and his two wives have left him due to poor financial condition.

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What did Moses’ wife say

Musa said, ‘I kept getting married one after the other. How can a man be satisfied with one wife?’ Musa said that all his wives live in the same house so that he can keep an eye on everyone. He also suspects that his wives have affairs with many other men as well. Musa’s youngest wife Juleka has a total of 11 children. Juleka said, ‘I don’t want any more children. I have seen very bad economic conditions. Now I am using the contraceptive pill so that children can be prevented from being born.

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